Hello, my name is Joe Williams and welcome to my website! please check the source code here.

About me

I am a Software Engineer currently living in Japan. I have been working in the software industry and living in Japan for around ~5.5 years.

I have worked on many personal and work projects including: Back-end APIs in Node/Rust/Go to Data Pipelines using AirByte/Cloudquery/Debezium to Front-end using React/NextJS.

Please check out my projects page for more information.


I am usually interested in most technologies I work with, especially if it's backend, but the following are the ones that I have been recently interested in:

  • Data Engineering (Data Pipelines, Data Warehousing, Data Lakes, Data Streaming, DataQueen)
  • Data Storage (BadgerDB, Object Storage, Vector DB)
  • API Gateways/LB (Kong, NGINX, DGate (by me), etc.)
  • Dev-ops (Github Actions, GitLab CI/CD, Kubernetes, and Terraform.)
  • Ditributed Systems & Consensus (Raft, Paxos, Tempo, etc.)
  • Video Engineering (Video Streaming, Video Transcoding, Video Analytics)
  • (RTMP, HLS, WebRTC, Autostream.Live)
  • AI/ML (Recommender Systems, Online Learning, Time Series Analysis).


  • 3D Printing (I have a Prusa SL1S)
  • Video Games (Apex Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch 2)
  • Drama (Rick and Morty, The Boys, Breaking Bad, etc.)
  • Music (Rap/Hip-hop, Lofi, etc.)
  • Eating & Cooking Food!